Sunday, August 26, 2012

Saturday Night Downtown Melange

Canal Street and all those souvenirs of New York. None made here, I'm pretty sure. 

Africans selling 'designer' handbags from cotton containers which can be removed in an instant if the police appear. Saw exactly the same thing in Milan.

A very excellent dumpling from Excellent Dumpling. Lafayette and Canal. Outstanding scallion pancakes.

Serious bling...

It happened on Mulberry Street. A party like atmosphere with people eating in the street at casual places

and more upmarket ones.

Warning! Smoking cigars will turn your face yellow.

I'm not sure what eating nougat from Vinny's Nut House will do to your teeth, but am not about to risk it.

Better to ponder which gelato to try.

The designer bag! the cell phone!

Glad to see that Balthazaar got an 'A'.


  1. Elizabeth, you've captured the atmosphere of the neighborhoods you visited very, very well.

    Isn't it good to know that at least it's still possible to buy food that is made in NYC? That dumpling looks delish!


  2. I think I'd like a ring, please...

  3. So glad the dumpling from Excellent Dumpling was excellent !
    I love scallion pancakes....serious food envy right now.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. To quote a certain someone I love: tee hee hee! It was a fabulous time indeed ;-) xxxx

  5. Oh, the humor you bring to the streets of New York. Thank you for your wonderful eye and wit!


  6. Evidence of how a good eye and a camera can make even the ordinary very extraordinary. Enjoyed the comments too. Staying away from cigars, looking all over for Balthazaars.

  7. Elizabeth, your photographs of the city are always breathtaking... I love the colors and the whimsy here. I hope that maybe you can take me exploring when I visit!!!
    sending love,

  8. The beach and tea and everything else, such interest as usual.
    I am taking you at your word and not commenting of every post today although I have visited all.
    Life has been particularly busy and even trying to catch up with you I have been interrupted with phone calls.

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