Friday, August 24, 2012

Beach Day

Suffolk County recedes into the distance as we head to Robert Moses Beach

flops, shovel, blanket

lifeguard not yet arrived

start building a little fortification

at lunch time we buy French fries and put one on top of the castle

where it proves very popular

and the seagull hangs around until the tide washes the castle away


  1. Looks like a wonderful day at beach. The sand castle and the seagull. Missing summer here.

  2. I can smell the sea...ah. Thanks for that because if you don't remember I am in Kansas. Not a lot of water in these parts. :)

  3. Love the pastel colors and the light in your photos. My favorite is the still life with flip-flops.

  4. Oh, that was a holiday! When I went through them slowly the second time it was like being there.
    It was the umbrellas on the beach that really got me, and the colours were almost Margate on a sunny day.

  5. The sand looks to be very white and very fine, and that seagull and the castle! Gorgeous.

  6. Lovely clouds. ocean, beach and super great shovel !

    cheers, parsnip

  7. Oooo-oo-oo, what a little french fry can do-ooo!

    Elizabeth, this looks as if it was a wonderful day at the beach.

    Thank you for sharing the views with us land lubbers.



  8. it works with sparrows - just throw out enough food for everyone -
    though somehow seagulls just keep replicating as if they are all just reflections of one in a mirror.


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