Monday, July 30, 2012


This post is for Liisa who lives in Finland but likes the green market. I set out thinking I would do a green in corn

and peppers

and more peppers

not to mention cucumbers and


My interest in green is flagging care of basil and parsley.

Beets offer a little relief --serve with chickpeas balsemic and olive oil.

Chives are good in potato salad.

Gave up with green as blown away by sunflowers

with bees on

and veggies with color in

a melon

and then a little bit of blue which we'd missed.


  1. aww, thank you elizabeth, i do so love the green market!

    there's plenty green in my garden, if we're itsy-bitsy lucky we might get miniature corn (season too cold & short for it to grow proper) the beets are humongous (is that a word?) and kale has gone bonkers (we like so it really doesn't matter).

    such beautiful pictures yours are, and my mind is racing thinking how all those veggies could be used. thank you again!

  2. Our landscape is covered in vibrant shades of the green stuff - courtesy of copious drops of the wet stuff. Nice market...!

  3. Such a plenty of freshness. The very best part of summer.

  4. Green is a fine color, and green food is healthy :)

  5. There is a lot of fresh produce there.

    Good to see asian style vendor shop in new york street

  6. Too many visual delights to just stay with wonderful green. The bees on sunflowers - amazing. A potato salad just isn't right without chives! What a wonderful pictorial of the market!

  7. Nothing better than green! especially in this heat....we didn't make it to Moulay but did go to Sidi're right it's so lovely...
    Enjoy the summer Elizabeth !
    xo Lala

  8. That was a lot of green. Good start

  9. Lovely pics of the green market I loved the sunflowers they look so vibrant.

  10. So green! We have so much green here it is not very exciting. I do appreciate the green of the chilis- bright and leaping!

  11. I just love to see brightly coloured veg. They cheer me up. I wonder if there is any truth in that theory that brightly coloured veg are good for you. They certainly should be!

  12. I love all the lines in the peppers
    and the flowers are so beautiful!!

  13. Can see why you gave up the green when you saw those sunflowers Elizabeth. I wonder do you go out for instance looking for green or do you see lots and make that your subject for the day?

  14. Beautiful pictures, love produce, so pretty.


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