Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Robert Moses

In the pavilion are the fixings for a classic barbecue 

beginning with beer --and plenty of it

photo Robert Schmid
but the beach itself (looking west) was deserted except for the birds.

Lots of birds. The terns have little teeny tiny legs and walk very quickly.

The seagull wants out of the picture.

Reflections on wet sand.

Lots of people by the lifeguard stands

and brothers making a castle

with a tunnel that the seawater runs through

until it collapses as these things tend to.

The life guard adopts a quaisi-heroic posture

as the firemen cook on the world's biggest grill.


  1. A pavilion full of beer sounds like a rather fine thing! Love the bird shadow photo.

  2. cold beer & firemen...spells trouble...i do love the birdy beach shots...makes one dream...of warmer places...where the sun shines...where there's cold beer...oh, the trouble!

  3. Brilliant sun and classic beach shore views. Thank you for having that camera with you, and hoping that you and yours also had loads of sunscreen at the ready.


  4. Oh lovely photos of the beach, Elizabeth. I think that first photo is worthy of framing. :)

  5. What a great photo story, the birds
    placed perfectly in semi random zig zags...

  6. That first picture is a work of art, iconic!

    The whole series shows a wonderful day by the beach, a day I suppose we'd all love to share with you or drem about. Thank you! xxx

  7. P.S.:
    The rose hips are already turning orange!

  8. I like all the birds, Elizabeth! Do apply plenty of sun screen!

  9. Thanks for sharing the beach with us. Love the bird reflections photo!


  10. So people obviously feel safer by the lifeguards and probably there are loos and food in the vicinity. I like the deserted bit best.


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