Friday, July 27, 2012


"Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside
I do like to be beside the sea
tiddly om pom pom tiddly om pom pom"

On Wednesday the water was translucent and crystalline

the shadows were so crisp and sharp

and the crab shell wore leopardskin

and the little bits of stuff arranged themselves like still life almost.

what a lot of yellow shadow from such little yellow legs!

A sand dune

Clear light by the snack bar

I could stare at the water for hours...


  1. Hello Elizabeth:
    Oh, the sea, the sea, take us to the sea.....

    What marvellous photographs these are and how perfectly they capture the essence of summer at the seaside. We are there paddling in the water and feeling the sand between our toes. Lovely!

    Happy weekend!

  2. Pretty beach. I agree with you regarding staring at the waves for hours.

  3. Nice photos! I love sea, but unfortunately there is no sea nor river here I live.
    Have a nice weekend.

  4. Oh Yes I could stare at your photos for hours! Lovely summer by the sea- Still winter here.

  5. Such beautiful photos !

    Oh I so miss living by the Pacific Ocean.
    I was raised in Tucson and my dream was to live by the ocean and I did. Now I am back in the beautiful desert and I love it but I miss just sitting and watching the ocean.
    Plus Pelicans use to fly by my home, Wonderful !

    cheers, parsnip

  6. I am with you about staring at the water for hours. Beautiful images. Never have seen a crab like that!

  7. Lovely pictures of the sea I am lucky enough to live beside the seaside unfortunatly it is the North Sea and it never looks like that.

  8. I cannot imagine to see these shells on beach from a blog about New York.

    Truely inspirational

  9. What a perfect day! Wonderful beach. Jealous of everything you posted.

  10. I love the foamy sea shots
    I can feel the water rushing in
    and the gull shadow is fantastic

  11. Oh the luxury of seeing the sea, the sea. Feeling the breeze, being caught up in the tidal rhythm, and finding beautiful shells.

    Elizabeth, your comment about the shadow cast by slim birdy legs made me smile.

    Seeing you yesterday also made me smile and laugh. Hey, wasn't it great that we had our lunch and walkabout well before that thunderstorm?


  12. Thank you, yeah, I love Details :)

  13. ahhhh...the beach is sooo relaxing.

  14. i could stare at that water for hours too. What a beautiful day. i love the leopard crab shell too, the yellow-legged gull and all the blue...

  15. Beautiful pics at the beach, best ive seen this summer.

  16. I love these pics Elizabeth. The summer "en majesté" as they say in France.

    Bonjour from Paris and have a great summer !


  17. sitting in hot dry Marrakech your pictures of the sea are so refreshing. Thank you, gave my day a lift!

  18. I agree the colours of the water and sand beautiful and also the quietness of the beach is appealing.


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