Friday, July 13, 2012

Diner Decor and Northport LI

Northport Sweetshop

The same ice cream server for the past forty years and exactly the same floor and stools. I had maple walnut.

The decor in Tim's Shipwreck Diner tends to the nautical --and the staff have T-shirts that say 'Crew'.

It's an authentic old dining car --note the curved roof.

A good place to do coloring while waiting for your lunch

and the DUMDUM pop that will follow it

that is, if you can finish your lunch which arrives in delicious but daunting proportions.

The outside of Gunther's where Kerouac once drank

and others still do.

Northport's a bit of a tourist trap with lots of charm and probably too many gift shops

but the hardware store's still there where we went to buy steel wool, which was (naturally) made in China. I think the animals were American once.

They preside over collections of stuff.

The best is the elusive South Dakota Snow-Hare -- only seen by those who have had a sufficient amount to drink.


  1. What a lovely tour...
    Lunch looks wonderful but definitely a share type lunch.
    But as my family is very versed on this (see my 4th of July post) the last photo is the Montana Jackalope.
    Cousin of the reclusive Arizona Jackalope.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. The snow hare is really a Wyoming Jackolope, commonly found on the plains...Love the "life is crap" t-shirt offering, and the roof tin roof, ornate above the dead animals. Does everyone pronounce LI as Long Guyland?

  3. Elizabeth, I know nothing, nothing about Jackolopes from anywhere, but really like the sound of the word, and definitely like the look of all your photos.

    I would have chosen peach ice cream if it were available?

    It is now marginally more comfortable to be here in NYC. The thunderstorm that I was certain would be with us by 5 seems to have breezed Connecticut or Long Island, perhaps.


  4. Too much fun, but it seems like you can handle it!

  5. I love old diners
    Northport is a lovely town

  6. What joy that you are sharing your diner visit with us, I am smitten! :-)

    The girl on the barstool fit right in, same colors.

  7. Enjoy the Long Island photos!

  8. That ceiling in the hardware store? was just sensational.
    Loved the dining car in all its authentic and nautical glory. Lovely pics.
    The meals? Yummo!

  9. Really looks like an old diner and the fish and chips look quite English!


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