Wednesday, January 25, 2012


22nd Street was shut off so the trees could be trimmed.

an exciting piece of machinery (if you like machinery) and a chap up a tree
 by the old Empire Diner, now called The Highliner. The food is better.

Another person up a tree

then, lo and behold, just west of 10th Avenue, Lego up a tree. This is an artsy neighborhood. Perhaps this was someone's art project.Seems a bit wasteful to leave it in the tree, but not for me to say. 

The reflections of the bare branches are the best bit in this person's project. While I understand that people have strong feelings about things (we all either do or should) it would be horrid if everyone shouted them all at once. Waking up, thinking and rejecting fear have got me quite tuckered out already

so the cabbages (posing as cabbage roses) were a welcome respite in the tree pit by the corner of 9th Avenue. Pity about the chips wrapper but what can you do?


  1. that bumper sticker car is nuts!

  2. I love the Lego tree houses!

  3. Love your photos and I love New York City...


  4. Have you seen the work of the German chap who fixes broken walls with lego? I think I came across him on Pinterest, he seems to travel the world looking for walls with holes to patch. What fun!

  5. People in trees like Robert Macfarlane and his 'Wild Places'

  6. Enjoyed it all: the tree choppers, the Leggo Deco and the freedom of speech. Tolerance is important when we all live withing hollering distance.

  7. I notice the tree trimming company is named Bartlett...seems appropriate.

    I enjoyed the little tour of NYC streets...always something notable there, it seems.

  8. Love your observations, and LOVE the Ornamental Kale!

    What can you do about the chips wrapper? Elizabeth, you pick it UP, of course! :-)

  9. A post about cabbages and kinks-only in NYC! Those cabbages could pass as winter bridal bouquets, with a chip wrapper tucked in as bow.

  10. Jo: you are quite right!
    I should have picked up the chips wrapper.
    How did I manage not to think of that......

  11. You have such wonderful vignettes. I always smile at them.

  12. Lego on the tree? Interesting!
    Good photos!
    Have a nice weekend!

  13. Love the ornamental cabbages, I had some in pots outside my front door last year.


  14. Those Legos sure liven up the tree at this time of year. Or, maybe they're birdhouses since they look like it has little doors. As for the stickers, it looks sad to deface your own car.


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