Friday, January 13, 2012


City Hall (seen below)  is quite near the Social Security office at 26 Federal Plaza

where I spent a happy morning yesterday, and remembered waiting there in 1979 when I only had a green card and needed to get a permit to visit my mother in England. That was the memorable occasion upon which, when I asked if there was a bathroom was told, "Yes, but an alien took the key." 

downtown has more fire escapes than round here

which makes for lots of stripes.

Then on to the jollity of Chinatown

where we anticipate the arrival of the very excellent dumplings

at Excellent Dumpling on Lafyette Street. Here fried vegetable dumplings. I also recommend the scallion pancakes. Lunch for two: $12.75.

The painters take a pause in painting the poster for Incredibly Loud and Incredibly Close overlooking Canal Street. Reminds me of the eyes of Doctor T. J Eckleberg in The Great Gatsby.


  1. Hello Elizabeth...I spent some time checking out all I've missed on your blog. For some reason Explorer refused to show images so I bit the bullet and turned to Firefox and now I'm able to view all the great shots you share. Loved each one, but the eyes have it.

    Have a grand day!

  2. wow, the dumplings do look worth tasting!

  3. Yummmm - dumplings! You should go to Chinatown around Chinese New Year. I'm sure it'll be a madhouse

  4. There are too much aliens in N.Y. :))
    Nice pictures, I like the fire escapes! Have a good weekend!

  5. ~~~ an alien took the key! ~~~

    how exciting

    in florida
    we have no aliens;
    only Tourist
    Migrant Workers
    and a Few Locals
    like me...

    must keep my eyes

  6. More nice photos - thank you for sharing

  7. Dumplings ! Scallion pancakes ! Heaven ! Much envy !
    Your photos are always so interesting.
    The painting on the wall is so wonderful. I am always amazed by how artist can do this.
    Super photo !
    That's OK Elizabeth, we are all aliens even if we are born here.
    I have had three appointments at the Social Security office here and it seems the main language is Spanish....weird !
    Wouldn't you think if you are eligible for SS you should at lest read and understand English ?
    So, I am the alien in my own country.

    I was trying to post a video of The Boys like you have with Buster but can't get my camera and blogger to get along, hopefully I can work it out.
    I am so weird.

    cheers, parsnip

  8. Oh wow, the dumplings do look amazing, great pictures too. I always wonder how they manage to do those big paintings, it's not like they can really step back and see if it looks right.

  9. Elizabeth, it's fun to see your photos of your venturing a bit further downtown.

    I agree about how good the Social Security offices are. The one I visited is in the Theatre District, which somehow amuses me.

    How much do I love dumplings! This common interest suggests yet another spot we might meet for lunch. (I remember way back when I did live in SoHo, and friends would come by, ring the bell that would summon me to the fire escape on the front of the building and ask..."Would you like to go over to Chinatown for dumplings?" Even if I'd just had supper, I'd always say, "Yes!"

    I know I will see you soon. xo

  10. Perhaps it was ET who took the key....


  11. Lovely Pictures, I want to go to New York, were going to a few years back but it fell through :( great blog & following :)

  12. The diner's stainless steel accessories reminds me of Ralph Goings work.

  13. I love the fire escapes - maybe they are found in other places, but to me, they often convey the images of New York...and TV shows where someone's being chased and shot at ;)

  14. Don't bare tree branches make charming pictures.

  15. amazing photography! waiting for your next update :)

  16. Looks like you had a good day. LOL at the aliens took the bathroom key line. :-D


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