Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Day of Trains

Grand Central Station is grand indeed

much better than poor old Penn Station which has nothing to recommend it at all.

GrandCentral is all marble and people taking photos of it.

Then there are the grubby underneath bits where things actually get done.

We alight at Botanical Garden Station in bright sunlight and head for the Conservatory

 where a landing strip sits near the jungly water

and lo and behold the Statue of Liberty is reflected in the pool.

and through it all wend the trains to the junior set's delight.

And after that, gosh, a meet and greet with Thomas the Tank Engine.
Pretty heady stuff!


  1. Grand train stations like that always bring to mind the old black and white movies where such places featured, everyone dressed to the nines including hats and different from what we wear these days.

    What a beautiful dome on that conservatory.

  2. My favourite part of Grand Central is Juniors!

  3. I love the hustle and bustle of Grand Central and I adore Juniors cheesecake mmmmmmmmmm.

  4. You met Thomas the Tank Engine? I'm so envious!

  5. It looks like an Amazing place. Outstanding architecture. I got a virtual tour of the place when I watched the Carly Simon live concert recorded there in 1995. It must be a thrill to visit places just a short ride away.

  6. Elizabeth, I've always thought that Grand Central was a treasure, and even more so after it got that splendid renovation. Wow! What a place. I could just stare at that ceiling's constellations decor for hours.

    Lucky little Henry to get to see the trains and miniature NYC architectural icons up at the Botanical Garden. Every year I think I will see it (like the butterflies and origami decorated tree at the Natural History Museum.) Perhaps within the next twelve months, I'll manage that and add in tickets to the Nutcracker ballet at Lincoln Center.

    With failings like this, I must be a local. xo

  7. Lovely pictures - especially Thomas ;) Thanks for sharing.

  8. I think the ugliest railway station of earth is here in Debrecen :)
    Good photos, I see you enjoyed the visit in Botanical Garden.

  9. That little boy looking at the trains stole my heart! Yours too, probably:) And in the first pic the dome like building - beautiful!

  10. Love the photo of Grandson watching the train.

    Brings back memories of sitting in Grand Central at 1.0 am wondering if we would ever get back to Newark.


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