Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Snapshots from Tuesday

The view from my window of winter trees and snow -- always reminds me of Breughel and the Christmas cards my parents sent in the 1950's.

How bright and moderne the Empire State Building looks in the afternoon sun.

Samson and Lily are well outfitted for the season, but Hodges' own coat is enough.

The spire of Holy Apostles church on 9th Avenue and a distant view of the Hudson. Something seems to be on fire on the right.

Harry, a friend's cat, does not want Buster to get hold of his ginger root. No way!

I'm so sad that Tessa Edwards has died. Go here for more thoughts on this splendid friend.


  1. Very nice pictures from the city I like and see photos from other countries.

  2. Sorry to hear of your friends death.

    So many deaths this month. Family and friends, people I know and some I know through friends.

    Wonderful photos today, the first one reminds me too of many old Christmas Cards, Lovely

    Keep safe and warm,
    cheers, parsnip

  3. Wonderful photos of the city and those pugs..just adorable. I too am sorry to hear of your friend Tessa, passing. I took a look at her blog and what a place it is...colorful, thoughtful, and vibrant.

  4. Thanks Elizabeth, It is so real, that shot from your window reminds me of so many cards I've seen..mostly painted.

  5. Hy!! My name is raffaella!! I live in italy.i have found yours blogs and i am a new follower of all your blog!!! I wish make a post with doors so i ask you if i can use some your beautiful photos of. Marocco for my post...of course i 'll write of you.if you don't want ,please write me. Thank you and good new year!!!!

  6. Wonderful pictures- I love those dogs so much :-)

    Have a healthy and good 2011!

    One of my biggest dreams, to start the New Year in New York. I hope, this dream will fulfilled one day...

    Love - Ines

  7. Fantastic photos and apt captions! Thank you for sharing.

    I am so sorry that there is sadness with the loss of Tessa.

  8. Happy New year to you too Elizabeth. I was sorry to hear about Tessa too, very sad. x

  9. Happy new Year and thanks for being here 2010.. like your fotos .but I have less time to see them regularry --I love the puggs(dogs) snow in the street .. cakes champaign ..

  10. just seen the Empire. and remeber near by we lived in a hotel and the men often went to foot looker and what do I see.. footL :))


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