Sunday, December 26, 2010


I think I like the old ornaments best.

This fish came with my husband's family from Czechoslovakia at the beginning of the last century.

Some rather un-stylishcookies that were fun to bake and eat.
Bobby, Claudia: note the sprinkles....

The dog took a nap on my chair.

How elegantly the glaze abandons the glass!

From the 1950's a little luna-tique if you ask me.

A very very long time ago, when $5 meant something, this Santa was generous indeed.

Light falls on the tablecloth --not to mention red candle-wax...

ps. Claudia, I wish you were here!
OXO from Dad, Buster and me.


  1. Jolly, indeed, or should I say, for sure! Elizabeth, some of those ornaments remind me of ornaments that I know are in my family's Virginia home.

    Time got away from me, tree wise, this year, but I did manage to get some truly fresh greenery at Union Square on Christmas Eve to lend a great scent to my place.

    How about the blizzard that is over our heads and around our streets right now? Did you hear the thunder? If it weren't so windy, I would forsake the warmth indoors and venture out right now with my camera. Ah, but warmth seems really good, and jolly.


  2. I too love the fish.
    I had many of my Mum's Family ornaments from Poland, that were burned in the fire. I did rebuild somewhat but my heart was never quite in it.
    So years ago when all the children were gone at school and living far away my tree got really simple.
    A tree in a bucket of water, lights and folded origami.
    But I really love your fish... Fabulous.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Ah, a fresh tree with family ornaments...the very best decoration for Christmas. I love the history that comes with the collection that develops over the years--bringing the the patina of time and the family story with them.

    Cookies with sprinkles and the pets dealing with all the human hysteria. Hehe.

    Hope the BIG storm on the east coast that is leading all the news stories doesn't cause too many problems for you and yours. Stay safe and warm. A scratch behind the ears for Buster

  4. i do love the old ornaments as well. i picked up a habit of giving my nieces and nephew an ornament each at xmas. when they leave home, they can pick their favourites to take with them.

    i'm glad to see that buster gets to enjoy the snow, too!

  5. Red candle splodges are there forever!!

  6. I'm partial to your Erzgeberge (sp?) angels in the last picture - adorable!


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