Monday, December 6, 2010

Signs of the Season

I always think of the feast of St. Nicholas as the real opening salvo of Christmas.

The birds and the squirrels are enjoying the last berries revealed by the leaves' absence.

Somehow a rather disheveled penguin has arrived
and taken up residence outside an art gallery on 22nd Street.

A red amyrillis in Union Square Cafe . 
I think they get all their greenery from the market just near by.

Yesterday Berch was painting the windows of the two diners
on the corner of 23rd Street and 9th Avenue. He works astoundingly quickly.

 I wanted to get a better picture of the little girl in the red coat dressed up so nicely.
Attentive viewers will see Buster's reflection.

These two snowmen look pretty cheerful despite the crutches on the right of the picture.
Did one of them fall over on the ice?

It started snowing very lightly here this morning.........

Go here to read all of  Jane in Winter, my Christmas story set in 1950's England.


  1. I loved esp. the first picture-like a Christmas postcard:)

  2. I so enjoyed all the pictures but the first one is really lovely.
    Glad that we as got to see a picture of Buster being cute .

    cheers, parsnip

  3. I love the picture of the amyrilis. It's so beautiful.
    Greetings, Berit.

  4. great sets,the painter one is my favourite,looking other working is always cool

  5. Window painters are amazing artists. As you mention, they are quick and clever in their work. They have to deal with all kinds of weather and often sidewalk supervisors. They can do designs and lettering to fit all sizes of windows and usually without a template.

    I caught a window painter going about her holiday work and posted it on my last blog. Looks like NYC and small town Idaho do have some similarities after all.

  6. Love the penguin, and bench, but oh-oh to the little girl in the red coat. Just too much hint of 'Don't Look Now' for me...

  7. Every time I stop by I'm treated to a visual feast. Love the windows and the little girl in the red coat had such a holiday feel. I wonder who put that penguin there. I'll bet it brings lots of smiles.

  8. Elizabeth, you are a professional.


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