Friday, December 3, 2010

Chelsea Art

It's no good living within walking distance of all sorts of art galleries if one never looks in them except when they are closed or when taking the dog for a walk......

So when Isabel and Karen came to lunch we made a foray down 24th Street.

People looking at art fascinates me as much as the art itself.

A current really stunning exhibition in the vast space at Gagosian made me remember why I once used to like art a lot.

Of course people need to check their texts......

...... and consult the catalog. Wow!
Here one thinks of Emily Dickinson in an odd sort of way.

And here of Casper David Freidrich.

 Here of some sort of matador, perhaps.

On quite a different note, my story Jane in Winter is being serialized a chapter a day here
The first chapter is up today.....


  1. Almost everyone is wearing gray or black. Is that art lovers, or just New Yorkers in general?

    As always, I love your photographs (especially the matador and the CDF couple) and the commentary that goes with them.

    Have you read Cathy Schine's The New Yorkers? A pleasant, easy read -- but I think you would like it. If you haven't read it, let me know, and I will send it to you. xx

  2. That was a great walk! Thank you for a look at your afternoon.

  3. I am SO SORRY I missed this day. Sigh.

    These are awesome photos Elizabeth!


  4. Thank you for this walk through modern art!

  5. Yes, people are an art form all their own. Nice exhibition. And I'm glad to see "Jane in Winter" is getting more exposure. It's a great book.

  6. Your commentary and perspective is always delightful.....your photographs are spectacular!

    Great spending the day with you.

    I've posted my perspective as well :-)

  7. How lucky you are to have so much art/culture within walking distance. Art is definitely one of te joys of cities. I am so fascinated by the wedding gown with shards of speaks volumes, at least to me.

  8. a cool visit to the gallery.


  9. You could, of course, do a whole series of people walking by that gallery - Loved all the photos of people and the artsy atmosphere...
    Who made that terrific dress??


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