Monday, December 27, 2010

First Snow: Sunday into Monday

Looking out of the window in the early evening

the first light snow decorates the bushes.

23rd Street. 8:30pm

Hard to take photos with a dog tugging on your arm.

more of the same

23rd Street. 7:30 am

24th Street 8am

Hope you are warmer at your house.....


  1. How pretty it looks Elizabeth but we have just seen the blizzards on the news and it isn't looking good. Do hope you do not have big travel plans and that you can stay safe and warm.

  2. I like snow! Winter = snow :)
    Unfortunately here is only one inch high snow.
    Is it true, that there fell more than one foot?
    If yes, please send me some! :)

  3. Elizabeth, I do like your lamp lit snow scenes.

    When I looked out my window about 2 this morning, I was amazed at just how much snow had fallen. About a foot of drifted snow on each windowsill! Beautiful long icecycles dangling from the city's light fixtures.

    I am about to get bundled up to go to work, which will include shoveling out the sidewalk entranceways...23 degrees F with very loudly howling wind. Sounds like fun, no?

    Beautiful sights, though.

  4. Thought we would be socked with it in the greater DC area but it turned out to be a dusting. City snow pictures are always gorgeous with the light.

  5. The good bit, as we all agree, is that it looks pretty!
    The bad bit is that our daughter is trapped in London for the 2nd time!
    Frances: I bet the snow is splendid in Central Park! Are you really going to go to work?
    Mr.Paparazzo: I'd gladly send you ALL our snow if I could.....
    Maureen: See my reply to Mr.P !!

  6. Snow is so polarizing...either you love it or hate it. The photos certainly tell a winter story, though. Stay cozy warm, Elizabeth.

  7. I so enjoy you photos and the 7:30 am and 8am photos are what I always imagine New York in the Winter looks like (I am such a tourist)
    We are all warm in Tucson. Rain in the valley and snow in the mountains tomorrow we are happy so there is dancing in the streets today !
    Stay warm and safe !

    cheers, parsnip

  8. Nothing like a dog to get you on your feet and out of the house. Now, if he would just hold still long enough for you to get some nice low-light photos. Hehe. Thanks for sharing the beauty of your weather. So sorry the storms have ruined travel plans for your daughter.


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  10. For somebody who has not seen and felt snow, this is fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I love the images on your post, but the reality is more treacherous than beautiful. Stay warm and cosy, look on the beauty and wait for the extremes to pass by.

  12. 23rd street 7:30 am- is such a perfect stunning shot- painter worthy!
    Story worthy! Love the views from up above down on the city- Sky scrapers looking like toy backdrops...amazing shots! and yes, I know how it is to try to take pictures with a pup tugging- There is a lot of language- "DAMN!" and "Shite Dexter" going on...he doesn't seem to mind- ever happy tail wagging- "lets GO!"


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