Monday, March 24, 2008

A Visit to Long Island

The moon was full and visible through the trees which towered over the harbor.
It was so lovely and strange we sat on the porch in thick coats and admired it.

I always associate this little painting with my friend C's house.
The lily is for Easter.
The gardening hat for a pursuit we both enjoy and the books...............

How the jewels glitter on the chandelier as it catches the light and C. hides in the background.
She is holding a cup of tea as she often does, as we often do.

In the hall, by the front door, the season is celebrated.


  1. I admired the same moon, too! I didn't get a shot of it at night but I got one this early morning. ;-) I love the touches of Spring/Easter celebration around your friend's home. Beautiful and warming. I could use a cup of tea right now. Have a good day!


  2. You know, I thought about taking a picture of that same amazing moon, but figured it probably wouldn't turn out. I should have tried...yours did and looks wonderful!

  3. Yes, I looked at the moon several times, so beautiful and peaceful.
    Your pictures look a lot better than mine...thanks.



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