Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bryant Park and the New York Public Library

New York looks very gray here.
Hiding behind the trees is the Chryselr Building. No more Empire State Building pictures!
Bryant Park is very civilized these days - but chilly.

Yesterday was the first time I ever went into the New York Public library -well the main branch.
It is most impressive and large and bold.

Monumental almost.
I was terrifically impressed by the lights, the long hallways.
The gift shop.
The John Milton Exhibition.

Like Grant's Tomb (more of that in another blog) everything was oversized and heavily elegant.

After lunch L. and I had been to the Maplethorpe exhibition at the International Photography Center.
Perhaps this shot of one of the Public Library's lion's posterior reflects too much Maplethorpe........


  1. LOL! I love the last shot. I've never thought to go behind the lions. I only always take a photo of their front or side. As usual, I love all the shots.


  2. Gorgeous grays and it!!!

  3. I love your pictures of NYC !
    I wish I could be here


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