Monday, March 3, 2008

Recycling and 25th Street

Since I have got back to New York, I have been deluged with plastic bags and packaging in general even though I walk round with my trusty woven baskets. I'm off to discover if the morally pure Whole Foods takes back/recycles bags.
I always wonder, when we divode everything up in the re-cycling in the basement if they don't just tip it all somewhere all together later.
However, I do try.
I think they should charge 25c per plastic bag. That would soon stop people from getting too many.

25th Street has a big shop that sells 'antiques', architectural elements, and all sorts of theatrical props. Fun to take pictures of.

Perhaps the Statue of Liberty needs a bath?

Here she is reflected in a large mirror.

Graffitti like this lacks charm - but the color of the door was nice.


  1. I have 10 canvas bags that were free at conferences and such that I take to the grocery store. I am now trying to take them to Target. I should keep one or two nice and clean and take them clothes and shoe shopping. I try very hard. I like the red door. I like red outside.

  2. Hi, I love the colour of this door as well as your colourful blog! You live in a very interesting place:)


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