Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I was going up to 116th Street and Columbia University to meet Paz.
We had a plan to take photos and see all the sights of Harlem.
Took the C train from 23rd St.to 116th - however, since I wasn't paying attention and didn't change to the #1, I got to 116th all right - only it was just down in a dip.

So I had a bracing, energetic walk up grandiose steps through Morningside Park.

I met a man walking four splendid, energetic dogs.
The only drawback of such an endeavor is the rather large bag of dog poop.
The dogs were very friendly but eager to be off.

When I had got to the top of the steps, it was fun to look down.


  1. Oh my gawd! You climbed all those steps and did all that walking with me!? You did really well.

    Man, oh man! That's a big bag of stuff that guy's carrying. I'm glad he picks up after the dogs, though. Yay!

    Love the pics.

    Paz ;-)

  2. I walked down those exact same steps when I got lost and was on my way to the Cloisters.

    Cool photos.


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