Monday, March 17, 2008


On 24th Street I came upon a lovely scene.
The firetruck was parked and a little boy, his mother, and his sister, had all stopped to look.
The fighter was very cheerful and friendly.
But the little boy was shy.
His mother showed the firefighter the little boy's t-shirt - a firetruck
The little boy's shoes - flashing lights - like a firetruck.
On the side of this fire truck
- and all the other firetrucks in New York -are painted the names of the members of this engine company who were killed on September 11th.
Even after six years, seeing the names makes me cry.


  1. Every time I visit New York after 9-11, I get sad when I see signs for the World Trade Center. I never visited the towers, I always thought "maybe next visit." I've learned my lesson. Every time I get a chance to do something...I do it. No more waiting for next time.

  2. It's nice that the firefighter was nice to the little boy. I'm sure he'll remember it for a long time.



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