Monday, July 28, 2014

Fun with Flora

As you have probably gathered, I'm a keen urban gardener but my efforts are limited to the roof terrace and three 'tree pits' in front of the building.

Here are some petunias from the roof and some dill scraps. (The lemons are from the fruit chap on the corner!)

Here is a rose from the roof, much larger than life sized. (Not sure about the orange mini-vase - but light looks cool going through it!)

Again, much larger than life sized. The last violas.

We managed to grow sunflowers on the street this year. Rather brave and bold. However, they have huge root systems and rather overwhelm everything else.

 So I started harvesting and drying the seed heads  - and taking arty pictures.

All very wonderful until the seed heads developed a black mold - so I threw them out of the window.

Yesterday's roof gleanings - about life size (tiny scissors). The nasturtiums were hopelessly over and were pulled out. The blue thing is a salvia.

Gosh, what a thrilling post. Oh well.


  1. I love seeing the fruits of your urban garden! Thrilling to me :)

  2. The black and white arty pictures are great! Can't believe you just threw the heads out the window - whole heads? And where would they have landed, I wonder!

  3. Margaret: They landed just behind the building - I didn't chuck them randomly....they are behind the fence on earth -who knows!

  4. I love the sunflowers. Love the petunias, too. Never seen colors like those. :-)

  5. The black and white photos are a real delight, I really enjoyed seeing the fruits of your garden.

  6. Oooh such gorgeous colour.....I grow rhubarb in my London flower bed!!

  7. Elizabeth, your urban gardening is a treat.

    Those street level flower gardens you've created are a gift to all who walk past them on the sidewalk, and also to the folks who spot their beauty from the windows of crosstown buses.

    Your truly have brought a bit of English countryside to New York's own Chelsea.

    Many thanks! xo

  8. I can't help but think of Kandinsky's painting #201 while looking at your pansy image and the bottom one with the nasturtium, their colours and the way you arranged them on the canvas.

    Such bravery, to cultivate flowers and vegetables against all odds in the city. What pity, those sunflower heads going moldy on you!

  9. Goodness !
    The post is thrilling to me. I really didn't get a chance to plant anything this year. The tomatoes were from last year and still producing tomatoes. Who knew. Two years later and still going strong.
    I am surprised no one cut down your sunflowers. They look wonderful.
    I love Violas.

    cheers, parsnip


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