Saturday, July 12, 2014

Summer in the City

Lots and lots of new construction on the West Side.....

nowadays you can only just see the river...

Lots of workers busy in construction.

This building near the dog run seems to grow a new story every day.

A super giant truck to haul all these building materials around.

Nearer to home, the cosmos is blooming in  tree pit #3

The sunflowers that arrived by chance -  the seeds must have been thrown in by a passer by - have been much admired - and photographed. "Just like the South of France!" said someone - well, not exactly, but we try!  

Time to picnic on the roof terrace

drink fancy colored cocktails.

Looking south from the terrace when it's still light

and after dark.

Looking west on a rainy evening

and wondering whether orange glass is pretty or not...
Happy weekend.


  1. Elizabeth, how true what you write about all the construction around town. Guess it's good for all the jobs that are provided, even as we say farewell to a little bit more of the beautiful sky.

    I do like your tree pit photographs, both this cosmos and donated sunflowers. And Buster definitely reminds me of the South of France! I can just imagine him splashing away in the Mediterranean!

    Picnic on the rooftop terrace looks like fun. Good place to observe sunsets.


  2. Love the view from that terrace Elizabeth and also love the idea that somebody threw a few sunflower seeds in that tiny space of soil (and that they did so well)

  3. I always wanted to live somewhere that has a roof top terrace.
    Love the tiny gardens and the sunflowers are indeed beautiful.
    You can say they are like the fields of Dixon, California. Fields and fields of sunflowers that are grown for the seeds. So your flowers could have come from Dixon. California.
    The evening photo is lovely.
    I am also so happy to have seen Buster today.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. What a lovely oasis. Brings to mind an old favourite song, "Up on the Roof."

  5. I think orange glass is very lovely and especially with that pretty flower in it. It is always interesting, too, to visit NYC via your photographs. If I ever visit there I might feel a bit of deja vu thanks to you. The rooftop terrace view is great and I like that striped awning overhead.

  6. The ever-changing city skyline!! How blessed you are to be able to view it from above!! Your sunflowers reminded me of something that happened almost 20 years ago. We were living in a condo and one of our neighbors was having a problem with her next door neighbor and they weren't speaking to each other anymore. There was a tiny plot of dirt in front of my neighbor's condo and she would plant things in it every year. The year we lived there, sunflowers popped up in her little garden and she got angry because she thought the neighbor had taken it upon herself to plant them. That winter, she and her kids had taken pine cones and rolled them in peanut butter and seeds and hung them on a tree branch above the little garden. The birds must've dropped some of the sunflower seeds. I told her my theory and she got a laugh out of it. Thank goodness!! : ) Thanks for the memory!! xo

    ~ Wendy

  7. I love those sunflowers!


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