Saturday, July 19, 2014

Beach Days/Robert Moses

Cross the causeway across the Great South Bay

heading directly south. 

A huge amount of work was done over the winter, rebuilding the dunes that were battered by Hurricane Sandy almost two years ago. The newly planted dunes look rather unnatural and a sort of lagoon has been formed.

This divides the main beach from the ocean. The water in the lagoon bit was warm but a bit scummy. Needs flushing by the tides.

When the tide came in, kids on skim boards (in the middle) slid from the ocean to the puddle.

A helicopter doing important things - actually just routine, I think.

By midday the beach has filled up, the sky is a brilliant blue - and we headed home

to eat cherries and peaches.

Happy weekend.


  1. Elizabeth, you and yours are so wise to enjoy that beach early in the day, and to leave the heat of midday to the crowds.

    Isn't it grand to have those delicious fruits arriving?


  2. Cherries and peaches - two of myy favourite fruits. Our market is full of both right now.

    Is there any way you can make your text a bit darker Elizabeth - I do have great difficulty reading it.

  3. There is something magical about the water's edge, no matter where in the world it may be!

  4. I have had difficulty leaving comments but know that I am appreciative. The beach looks so inviting!

  5. Wonderful photos!! We've been eating cherries like they're going out of style!!! : )

  6. Oh My Goodness, you are so lucky to be so close to such a beautiful beach.
    Wonderful photos.

    cheers, parsnip

  7. Beautiful blues... I like how you day ended with the cherries and peaches. :-)


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