Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April Fool's A Day Early

On Mondays we often go out to Long Island by train. There was no snow in the city

but by the time we got to New Hyde Park the platforms were covered.

By Westbury it was worse.

Near Cold Spring Harbor it was really very pretty.

This color photo of my son's backyard has no fancy filters though it looks very monochrome.

Yesterday, April 1st was sunny at last.  I think everyone is getting bored of The-Winter-which-never-


  1. I am so pleased you have returned to blogging on this site again Elizabeth - I just love your glimpses of New York Life in pictures. The farmer sends his love.

  2. What? More snow? When will it end Elizabeth? Beautiful pics; I love the handsome man looking slightly pained at the station!

  3. Yes, but at least you can see the pavement! And that damn white stuff does make for some really interesting shots. I like the peacock tail effect of the first picture. Good stuff!

  4. Elizabeth, I agree with Lynne about that teal green peacock photograph.

    And is really, really good to be feeling the sun's warmth.

    What wonderful pictures you show us! xo

  5. Once again such wonderful photos ! I first one is outstanding.
    I just love your snaps of NY.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. What a sudden shock of insight into a world which is not mine. thank you.

  7. Getting tired of winter is one thing, but your wintry images another! Gorgeous pictures, I am smitten, Elizabeth.


  8. Elizabeth,
    I went to see "The Grand Budapest Hotel" the other evening. Grand film, great cinema, really. Have got to see it again, as long as it is still shown on the big screen (and in the original English, thank heavens!).

  9. Definitely April Fool's a day early. Beautiful snow pics! :-)


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