Thursday, April 10, 2014

Much Improved

I am happy to report that spring might  - finally - be making some tentative advances towards New York.

A rather promising dawn...

a bright noon

buds breaking into bloom.

Anemones remind me of February somehow but I bought some at Union Square.

There were pansies galore

and tulips to lust after.

These were my favorites.


  1. What a glorious day, Elizabeth. I am so glad to have shared some of that sunshine with you.

    Your photographs are terrific...they really do give others an excellent opportunity to see how marvelous springtime in New York can be.


  2. Wonderful photographs - yes spring is arriving, I can see that. Anemones were my mother's favourite flower and they always remind me of her, They are such wonderful colours.

  3. At last Elizabeth! It's been such a long time coming. x

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  5. Thank Goodness your spring is trying to break through the winter.
    The Tulips are indeed to lust after.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. What a delightful post - Spring is certainly on its way.

  7. Gorgeous images and blooms Elizabeth and indeed it is looking promising that some warmth may be advancing in your direction!

  8. Such gorgeous photos!! My husband works in Union Square and he always tells me how wonderful it is with all of the vendors and markets. I have to make a trip there soon. The flowers alone would make me crazy!!! Have a wonderful week!! xo

    ~ Wendy

  9. I thought at first glance that the quince blossoms were buried in snow. Such brave plants :)

    Welcome, Spring!

  10. ooh so thrilled that spring is trying its best to blossom! Gorgeous photos. I do so love anenemones. I just did a photo of a yellow taxi in New York. Sometimes I just miss the attitude of the NY drivers.


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