Sunday, March 30, 2014

Artsy Queens on a Friday Evening

The end of the week

time to escape from Manhattan 

on the 7 train.

Queens has lots of graffiti

and lots of industrial buildings being 're-purposed'. 

PS1 a mecca for the hip and anyone interested in modern art (a great deal more modern than the actual MoMA.)

At Deniz's apartment I take photos of Lucy who is white

the artsy Hipstamatic filter turns her yellow.

We eat a yummy supper at La Flor under the elevated bit of the subway with a Hopperesque view across the street.

Weather update: After the unrelenting cold, we have torrential rain!


  1. Must say your photographs make me want to be there Elizabeth!

  2. Fantastic photos!! Have a beautiful Sunday!! : )

    ~ Wendy

  3. We love riding the subway when we visit NY and it brought back lovely memories of our journeys in the wonderful city.

  4. Love the graffiti ones particularly. Have you ever had an exhibition of your photos?

  5. love these views of Queens from the subway! Here's to spring someday arriving!!

  6. Elizabeth, I love every one of these photographs...the color effects are terrific.

    You were lucky to find the marvelous 7 train actually operating between Times Square and Queens. I keep hearing announcements that service is off for various reasons.

    How about that thunderstorm yesterday afternoon!


  7. Yes, very Hopperesque view, I enjoy seeing what you see from the train. No public transit of any kind here so thanks for the ride.

  8. Wonderful !
    The last photo especially is very Hopperesque. (love that word !)

    cheers, parsnip


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