Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Endless Winter

We returned from our wonderful trip to discover

that there is still snow all over the place.

The eggs arrived cracked

the cyclamen is hanging in there in a miserable sort of way. The winter has rendered even the most relentlessly cheerful people borderline grumpy and there is a sort of malaise that afflicts us all - everything seems three times the effort usually required. 

However, we went and hung out at Veselka the Ukranian diner

which has wonderful food (including Obalong Beer)

and lots of necessary desserts.

It was bright but horribly cold walking home via Union Square. What can this man possibly be thinking sitting there?

One evening we went to the King Cole Bar at the St.Regis to see the Maxfield Parrish mural which was wonderfully weird. (The drinks were good too.) 

A rather bad weird photo in a friend's apartment uptown.

Anyway, it is now March and we had a dusting of snow yesterday, so I was forced to buy

a tiny bit of spring.

Keep warm!


  1. Yes, Spring flowers do life the spirits don't they Elizabeth? We have had a couple of spring-like days here after endless rain - and even two days makes all the difference. Hope you have some warmer weather soon.

  2. Hi Elizabeth!
    yes, yes...thank you for the tiny bit of spring, I am so over this winter...


  3. Lovely flower photo. I can imagine how cold NYC must feel after Barbados. Lucky you! I even envy your NY winter.

  4. All we have had over here in England is rain, rain and more rain. Bring on Spring.....

  5. looks like some of the cars haven't moved for 3 weeks!

    hate to break this you but spring is way ahead over here, birdies are awfully loud, last parches of snow are gone, the grass is very green. if it wasn't for the semi frozen ground i might be in the garden sowing...

    i think you agree we both should been able to extend our vacations!


  6. I tried to leave a comment on your other blog but it said "NO", grumpy, we have all had enough of this wicked winter but it just keeps going and going and going, and so, we must go. I am thinking to leave for two months next year- to the sunshine. You must consider doing so as well! Dexter is not bothered though I carry him everywhere bundled up. Wags to you and Buster!

  7. Spring arrived here with us!!!! Yippie!!!

  8. You have had so much snow and we have had the wettest winter ever. We are all looking forward to Spring. Forecast to be in low 60's next week.
    I like your weird photo. Gives opportunity to really look into the photo and see through the reflections.

  9. What a horrible shock for you Elizabeth! I did laugh about the eggs - sorry. East, West, home's best....kind of. I wonder how morale is in the Ukrainian cafe given what's going on?

  10. Oh Elizabeth, is the rumor true that we might see a bit of warmth in NYC soon?

    Your wonderful photographs really do give folks who've not been experiencing this below freezing stuff day after day a bit of a notion of how it's been. Of course, your photographs also make this chilly stuff look rather wonderful. NYC is after all NYC.

    Wonder if that fellow in the Park actually got frozen to his spot on the bench? Might have done.

    Fare to chocolate for me tonight, as Lent starts tomorrow. No chocolate doesn't mean no cake and tea and coffee. Looking forward to seeing you soon. xo

  11. Elizabeth, such a gorgeous selection of images!
    I really am beginning to wonder if spring will ever arrive for you over there (or whether summer will ever depart from here)
    Stay warm! and dry....

  12. The snow that was so festive in December is just bleak and bothersome in March. Yes! Flowers can help raise the dreary mood.

  13. Great pictures, Elizabeth!
    Sounds really very cold.


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