Friday, December 21, 2012


The darkest day of the year.....always something chillingly romantic about it. The dead of winter --or the first day of the austere season.

A few last leaves on the trees and the birds who chirp so merrily much more visible than usual.

And pigeons swirling in groups.

I think I like our tree almost as much bare as decked out for the season.

What do you think?

This morning early it was so wet and dark you couldn't see the top of the Empire State Building. It was raining almost as much as in the hurricane.

So the lights glittered and reflected.....

When it got lighter the rain was still falling.

On Monday night it was wet too, so I looked at the reflections on the street...bright as Christmas tree baubles.

Herewith the table from tea the other day with my lovely tea cosy handmade by Liz Smith in Scotland. Go here to see her super blog! Maybe she can make you one too!
 The chocolate chip chocolate cookies look very messy, but gosh they are good -- though I say so myself.


4oz  or one stick of butter
4oz Sugar in the Raw (really crunchy light brown sugar)
vanilla essence
one egg
6oz flour
2oz Cadbury's Drinking Chocolate powder.
chocolate chips

Cream butter and sugar
add salt and vanilla
beat in egg
fold in flour and choc powder

spoon on to baking tray
sprinkle with chocolate chips
bake at 350' for 15 minutes

Here is a mysterious house on 29th Street in New York to eat your cookies in or tell ghost stories about....

Here is a skyline at dusk --the best time for tea and cookies and stories.

ps You can read Jane in Winter, my story of magic and enchantment in the 1950's free on line here. If you do read it, please let me know!


  1. the mysterious house looks misplaced. I would like to live there! There are so many people having gluten issues up here- not sure if it is a trend or for real problem- I made gluten free sugar cookies - they are very nice actually. Yes, very familiar with rain rain and more rain! Listening to leonard Cohen "darkness" and it suits the season and me entirely! Embrace the darkness! Must be a Scandinavian thing...

  2. Yes, I like both trees. Both are so full of life and promises for good things. You photos of the rainy streets are so mysterious and magical.

    I have my own copy of Jane in Winter and loved it.

  3. Stunning photos as ever. I love the pigeons and that first one through the rainy window. And I love the tree by the way!

  4. Elizabeth, what a fascinating collection of photos this post contains. I love each of them, particularly the weather watch ones.

    You've really caught what is in the air at this particular time of the year.


  5. Happy Christmas Elizabeth and Buster, all our love from Val and Ted xxxx

  6. Thanks for showing my tea cosy. Isn't it great to know that the shortest day is now over! Things can only get better! Greetings from Scotland.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. I like the tree both ways, but at night lit up is definitely best!

    The refections on the street shot is fantastic, and I want to live in the house on 29th Street. What a stunning building to stir the imagination.

    And I loved the tea cozy, well done Liz.

    We were drinking Solstice wine tonight. A Shiraz, apparently...

  8. Lovely images - cold, a little chilling - magical with hints of the unknown - warm and comforting too but all full of mystery. Jane in Winter sits here on the desk waiting to be packed to go to France AND READ!
    Happy Xmas and New Year.

  9. Phenomenal images of winter and Christmas! It is a little different here, but I felt that 'cosy and warm' feeling form the views from the window ..... and you inside and dry.

    'Jane in Winter' is a wonderful tale ... so read it if you have not done so.

    Happy Christmas!

  10. Think I prefer the tree decorated. What amazing photos. The windows look decorated with the light reflections in the raindrops.
    Would be interesting to see if the inside of the house is as dreary as the outside.


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