Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Children at the Public Library

Frances asked if I wanted to go with her to the Christmas party the Public Library. Of course! It was wonderful fun and so beautifully organized. So much to see it was almost overwhelming. Jugglers and bands and.....

Mother Goose

and the elves making ballon animals and headdresses

I rather wished I were five and could ask for one.

Everyone was super cheerful

and wonderfully skilled.

Even the gold baseball player was impressed.

Everyone was dressed to suit the season

a positive whirl of scarlet and gold

so much to wonder at

Time to take a rest on the stairs though the boys are still rushing up.

What a very tall person....

Last the grandeur of the building. In addition to all this there was music and food and singers and storytellers. A great time was had by all!


  1. For some reason, this post makes me miss Grandma. I'm feeling a bit sad for those I've lost today, I guess. Fun pictures!

  2. I love all the movement & the colors in these pictures. looks like a festive time.

  3. Oh, what fun! Deliriously so.

  4. Looks like so much fun. I have a photo of myself in that stair way in the first photo. It is an incredible building. NYC knows how to have fun...even at the library.

  5. I love the way you're not afraid to put the blurry ones in - they're so atmospheric. I recently photographed a friend's wedding by candlelight and I could tell she was shocked when I included the blurred images. I thought they were better than the sharp ones where I'd been persuaded to use the hideous flash!

  6. I loved these! Absolutely magical. I thought the blur was deliberate, and wanted to know how you got at least one person in focus and the rest blurred. Am I stupid?

    And the really blurry one (whirl) is one of the most magical. Christmas spirits.

  7. Wasn't that a fun afternoon! Even more fun because you were there, Elizabeth.

    You've captured the special quality of this annual open house so well. I love the notion of all those children getting an early appreciation of what can happen at a library...reading, and more!


  8. Em, Titus:
    Blurry ones just came out that way! Not artistic on purpose. I used them because they did seem to reflect all the activity going on!

  9. delightful!
    I love the way you capture people and their expressions and their special-ness
    lovely shots Elizabeth

  10. What a swish public library. Mother Goose too.

  11. Elizabeth, LOVE all your festive posts. NYC is quite decked out at Christmas time. Merry Christmas!


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