Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hudson and another Giveaway

Such a lovely warm afternoon and I hadn't been down to the Hudson since the hurricane. This character on a little raft was a little nearer the water than he needed to be....

The sort of boat you can have supper on

A great deal of water of course

Then turning round to look at the Richard Meir building that echoes a sail boat

and the ladders and ropes and things that you need when messing about in boats...

Such light!

Novica, which sells the most lovely handcrafted items from all over the world, has offered one of my commenters a $50 gift certificate for going to their site and curating a group of their favorite items. Go here for more information. I'll probably wait until next Wednesday to draw the name of the commenter. 


  1. Hei Elizabeth,
    lovely pix, as usual, but I can't read what you wrote; it's hard to see on the new red background...
    enjoy the christmassy times,
    Beatrice and Gizmo from Germany
    ~.☆.~ ~.☆.~

  2. morning, Elizabeth. Love the photos of the water. Sending the link to my daughter.

  3. Hello! I'm off to that site in a minute....Lovely to see the Richard Meir building; he was my hero when I was studying architecture in the early eighties but I'm ashamed to say I haven't been keeping up with his stuff recently. Gorgeous pictures as ever.

  4. the reflections in the Meir building are amazing
    love all your Hudson shots

  5. What wondrous sights, Elizabeth!
    I love how you captured the Richard Meir building, the angle, with the white clouds and blue sky.

  6. The Meir building is amazing! WOW! We have a fair share of boats here in our own back yard and if you fall into the water you will be frozen in a matter of minutes. When I lived on a boat in the bay, it was the year of extreme cold- a steel hull with a wood stove- the bay froze that year- I don't know why I am still alive! Unless it was so that I could go to Morocco and sleep on the beach ,waking to camels sniffling around my sleeping bag- didn't realize that in the winter when the sun goes down on the beach in Morocco the temperature drops to below what it should and the moisture from the sea makes it even more icy...They say that folks living in colder places live longer...I guess I am proof.The Hudson looks like I might be comfortable in it. Practicing for the ice age which cometh...

  7. Fog then Santas now water and boats - there sure are a lot of different things in NYC!

  8. Quite a number of decks on those ferries I see.

  9. Look looks beautiful.

    The light around Hudson river is certainly very precious indeed.

    Happy new year! Take care x


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