Saturday, December 8, 2012

Chelsea Market, Marrakesh and a Giveaway

Since we live within walking distance of Chelsea Market, we're down there pretty often.

Their main Christmas tree is wintry and very unusual.

On closer inspection it turns out to be all sorts of dried rhododendron leaves and grasses and twigs --as artificial trees go it's rather lovely.

Tis the season to bake cookies at home, but if you are too lazy/busy Sarabeth's does it all year round....

I recommend the palmiers (and all the others!)

Ah, but here is what we've come for --a glimpse of Morocco which we still manage to miss. Our friend Mohamed Elmaarouf used to have a shop in Chelsea Market all the time and now he's back for the holiday season. His web site has much better pictures than I do. Imports from Marrakesh.

The colorful costume of a water seller  like we used to see in Djemma Elfna. The hat is especially splendid.

Here is our friend Mohamed Elmaarouf with some of his rugs....

and more carpets and cushions. The sequins sparkle

and look almost like the Christmas tree in the first photo.

Brasses gleam

not to mention the tea pots and slippers. I want everything!

And now the giveaway: as they did last year the kind people at Novica have given me a $50 gift code to send to a reader of this blog.  They wanted me to mention their new gift finder which makes looking for unusual hand crafted presents from round the world even easier. I will choose the winner on Monday  --so you have time to send off for something lovely before the holidays.


  1. I enjoy looking at your photos. We stayed just down the street from the Chelsea Market last year. Had some good coffee there.

  2. A very unusual Christmas tree but lovely nonetheless ~

    I enjoyed the pictures specially the baked cookies ~

    Thanks ~

  3. Elizabeth, thank you for reminding me about the glories of the Chelsea Market. I will definitely try to find time to visit Mr Mohamed during this season.


  4. I love this tree! and your photo essay too.
    and I'll have one chubbies please.

  5. Adore the tree ! and I will have a palmier with a coffee please !
    le sigh....

    The Boys send woofs
    cheers, parsnip

  6. For a moment I thought I was looking at another blog and falling in love- then I realized Oh it's YOUR blog- and I am in love already! Anyway, I love surprising myself like that and playing a joke on me. Love these shot for the day especially the goods from Our Morocco. Lovely- I can almost feel the warmth and smell the mint tea.

  7. Beautiful! What a post of contrasts. I love the white tree, and then the riot of colour.

    And it's a chocolate-dipped elephant for me please.

  8. Ooo! Ooo! I want everything too. What fun. So jealous of your access to the amazing plethora.

  9. I have a sudden urge to run outdoors and gather up armloads of dead branches,twigs,things formerly known as bushes, then spray paint them all white with silver accents, pile them in my living room and call it a Christmas tree. Thanks for the inspiration! Ironically, we live next door to a Christmas tree farm.

  10. I can't decide where to go first--the Chelsea market or Marrakesh. Both will have to be via imagination of course, made easy with your lovely photos. I'm making ginger snaps tonight so will forego a cookie treat though.

  11. I love the tree and so happy you can get a hit of Marrakech...the sequined blankets are my favourite...we bought some for the riad just last week. x

  12. fantastic pictures. I love things Moroccan and also middle eastern. I will visit the market next time I can get to New York

  13. thank you for taking me on a virtual vacation! whenever i need my hit of NYC, i come here till i can travel there.

  14. You have found such visual delights. I liked the (unusual) tree.
    Those biccies look amazing.

  15. oh, oh, those shiny brass thingies, those carpets and pillows...
    wait! i desperately and definitely don't need anything. they are pretty, though.

    but palmiers i can have! two, please!

  16. You have such interesting places to go to . .


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