Saturday, November 13, 2010


We are back home. For some reason remembering holidays is almost as sweet.

Seems a bit sad to eat pizza out of a box outside the Bargello.
Quite a lot of women with orange hair.

What a very large trumpet....

 It's lucky the Loggia has a nice wide stone ledge to rest weary rumps on.

There seem to be fewer pigeons than there used to be, but quite a few have alighted on the statues.

 Oh, oh, oh!
The same shot that several gazillion other tourists were taking at the
same time as me. But you can see why we were entranced.

Stormy day. The little black specks in the sky are birds.
Time to pack my suitcase and get on the train and then the airplane
then the train then the subway.
Then home.


  1. yes
    take the same photo*snaps

    really EXACTLY the same
    yours are filled with your memories


    {{ why oh why
    are there so many women
    around the world
    with that same orange hair?

    is it God given?

    i do wonder... }}

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  3. (sorry bad typo)

    Thanks again for bringing the beauties of that city to me. You've made the bridge photo look like a painting in a museum. Sigh

  4. Love Florence ...

    Very nice pictures!

    Regards from Spain

  5. It seems I always live where there are lots of tourists... some good but the bad ones were really bad...
    I love being a Tourist and every where I have traveled has been wonderful !
    Adore the "Stormy Day" photo.

    I love the red hair, such a happy color. Better than the blue hair it seemed many older Ladies wore in the 50's and 60's I also hope they are learning to Tango !

    cheers, parsnip

  6. You were a really nice place. I like the photos.

  7. Love Florence, too.
    i travelled to italy some years ago and it was awesome!

  8. Orange hair- Burgundy, pink and blue- Revenge on mother nature who so unfairly only gives us shades of the same old blond- black- brunette- red.
    I am sure you are glad to be back home but I am reckoning that leaving was difficult- Firenze, though too crowded, is beautiful! A right treat! Love the photos- especially the bridges- looks like the river is wearing glasses.

  9. i wonder if the birds are happy with the colours of their feathers Elizabeth.

    Government of Italy should educate their pigeons and make toilets for them. i think Michelangelo and Bernini's works are not exposed. Only the replicas are kept outside. i am not sure Elizabeth, read somewhere. Did you go to Verona ?
    recently i watched 'Letters to Juliet' a lovely lovely film. Under the Tuscan sun, with Dianne Lane, and Marisa Tomei's 'Only you' gave me immense pleasure of watching Italian landscape, towns, villages, roadside restaurants.

    You have made stormy days look so beautiful Elizabeth. Your pictures are like Renaissance paintings.

  10. Wow! Lucky you! Welcome back!

    Paz xoxo

  11. Rauf:
    I agree, you have much better bird color costumes in India.
    Good to hear from you!
    I, too, love movies set in Italy like all the old Fellini ones which were one of the reasons I went to
    live in Italy all those years ago. La Strada was my favorite with its haunting music.
    Death in Venice from the seventies was excellent too -- if a bit weird.
    And I loved Room with a View where the young girl goes to Florence with the fussy chaperone.
    I think we all dream of living in Italy....
    Paz: was just thinking of you!
    When are we getting together?

  12. Hello Elizabeth, what an amazing set of pictures..wish I was there ;) Hugs....M

  13. oh orange haired women here... now, that would be something to talk about.

  14. Lovely photos, Elizabeth. Feels like I was there, but better!

  15. Oh my...what beauties you've shared. Yes, it's easy to see why a gazillion tourists were photographing that amazing scene, but I doubt any had your perspective.

  16. Hello Elizabeth

    Many nice Italy pictures on your blog..... i'am glad to see this, it makes me happy.

    Greetings from Holland, Joop

    thanks for your reaction.

  17. Gorgeous photos so full of history and nostalgia...welcome back!

  18. These photos are beautiful, Elizabeth! They take me there!



  19. Welcome home Elizabeth. Have followed some of it with you as you have posted on facebook. What an amazing photo of the bridge and reflections.

    I have not read the period piece you mention but maybe can keep a lookout.

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