Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Florentine Morning

In Florence....

....cyclamen are very much in season.........

.....as are green cauliflower......

.......I want to eat every single type of pasta.....

 .....but the bread tends to be a bit plain (on purpose, so it doesn't conflict with the taste of other things).

 The shop owner was intent on his paper.
I pretended to be taking photos of the stuff in the window. Oh well.

Lunch at a vinio.  Parma ham on foccacia and lots of local red wine. Yum.


  1. I NEED to visit Italy immediately. It's been four years and all too long.

  2. SO much better than the bland displays at the franchise food stores. Thanks!

  3. Wonderful mouthwatering shots. Markets of fresh food, my favourite subject for photography. What a lovely blog!

  4. Elizabeth, you have such a great eye to catch the mood and the character of a city and its people... you did it with Morocco and here you are again with New York. I love New York, it is a very colorful and a giant city...

  5. green cauliflower-I ate that only once and it was delicious, great pictures!

  6. delicious shots! love the last picture taken in the vinio, great ambiance...

  7. ooohhh...

    look how the ravioli display
    is turned
    yummy pasta roses!


  8. You are braver than me, I get embarrassed taking photos in shops etc. Even felt bad taking photos of teas on market stall in Cambridge.


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