Friday, November 5, 2010

More About Florence

    When we lived in Florence more than thirty years ago I didn't have a camera and so have very few pictures of those long ago days. I am now making up for lost time.

     A  vinaio on via dei Neri. The chianti nuovo has arrived. Quite delicious -- even if the guy in the bar where we have breakfast says it's like spremuta (fruit juice).

     Early morning on the Ponte Vecchio before most people have got up.

     The fruit and veggies are so fresh and lovely.

    The colors just about pop out at you.

     If you have eaten your veggies, you certainly deserve cake and lots of it......

     Florentines take books and writing and printing and paper very seriously indeed as we all should.
     I have so many pictures they have spilled over here


  1. I love your photos from Florence! I wish I were there...

  2. This city through your eyes looks better than a movie set. You're right about the colors. The squash blossoms are huge. Someday I'll see them on a menu and try them.

    But that second photo through the arches with the bicycle in the foreground begs for a artist and a paint brush. That morning light and your composition are wonderous.

    And, yes, I own "Why Cats Paint."

  3. Beautiful series! Wish I was there, as well!

  4. Wonderful photos.
    The one thing I remember from Florence, besides the beauty everywhere, was the paper.
    I am a huge paper person. When ever I travel my luggage is always filled with paper goods.
    I spent so much time in shops looking and touching the paper and books.
    Lovely memories thank you for the wonderful photos !

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Buena Sera from down the road in Orvieto - not my usual Annapolis!

    I wish we had time for Florence too..I wish so many things when it Italy!

  6. The images are breathtaking. I can almost smell Florence with these pictures.

  7. OH WOW! Beautiful more beautiful than I remember! Must be through your eyes that everything becomes so! The deserts - just not fair! Italian women especially in the north are so slender and stylish and gorgeous! Who eats the deserts???

  8. Dying of jealousy. I used to take my mother every year until the smallest ones came.

    Fabulous shots, and an evocation of one of the loveliest cities I know.

  9. I love the smile on the woman buying her produce!

  10. All of my favorite things . . .

  11. The delicious fruit and veggies and pastries and I spy a lemon tart there.


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