Saturday, November 6, 2010

Postcards of Autumn Scenes Around Florence

Feeling a little nostalgic already...

The autumn is so very beautiful here. Well, obviously. 
Milton said the fallen angels were as plentiful as 
'the fallen leaves that fill the brooks in Valombrossa.'
This photo from Piazale Michaelangelo.

The same.

 Ponte S. Trinita from the PV

 From Piazale Michaelangelo.

Look at the sfumato (mist) in the valley.
 Look at the umbrella pines. We leave here tomorrow.....


  1. How can you leave such beauty!!??!! Oh! My! I wouldn't believe it is really real, but you are there. So sorry that you must pack up and come back to earth. Thanks for the virtual visit.

  2. The first photo looks very painterly indeed- Sigh...I can almost smell the air- what a good feeling!

  3. Love all photos, but the "Ponte S. Trinita from the PV" and
    "From Piazale Michaelangelo" are stunning!

  4. Oh my goodness.... this is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy your trip Elizabeth! :o)

  5. We've had sfumato here too the last few days.

    Thank you for teaching me a new word!

  6. Isn't sfumato a lovely word? I thought it was a painterly term; is it? Your pictures are heavenly; angels, indeed.

    We saw a strange film called "Certified Copy" last night. Florence has a role in it.

    Where are you now, I wonder?

  7. Wonderful photography, and I am going to have get my mother there one more time.

  8. And the poem you seeded came!

  9. Stunning pictures by all means. I'm your follower!

  10. Hi Elizabeth. These photos must've been taken the day after we had dinner with you - what stunning weather! Glad to see you got home OK. We're also home, back to work and missing Italy madly. Ciao

  11. ooowww....
    all of these photos!


    don't you almost shout out
    with happiness when here--->
    piazale michaelangel.

    {{ lemon trees
    heavy with fruit
    when i visited 2 years ago }}

  12. Beautiful photographs Elizabeth and so clear. I have been following your travels on Facebook.

    Would love to have got to Italy but never made it so thanks for the photos.


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