Thursday, September 30, 2010

Willow Manor Ball

Well, here it is again.....Willow Manor Ball. What fun.

This is what I'll be wearing. Vintage Ossie Clark.....

So simple and elegant.

This is the ghost of my former self
who will dance with
a stunning assortment of dashing heros
Lord Byron

Prince Andrei
Maxim deWinter
Mr. Rochester

You know the usual litany of men to make women swoon
and so on and so on......

 I have thought of three splendidly sentimental songs for slow dances
Some Enchanted Evening.....from South Pacific
Elvis's Can't Help Falling in Love with You
and James Blunt's lovely sappy You're Beautiful

Wish I had more time to prepare!


  1. lovely dress and perfect music! enjoy!

  2. E, I'm so happy to see you! You have a marvelous sense of style, my dear! The vintage dress is just perfect. I might just have to steal Mr. deWinter for just one little whirl around the dance floor. May I?

  3. Hi Elizabeth! With that romantic vintage dress, I think your dance card will be so full you will have to let your beau dance with Willow!

  4. How romantic ... how perfectly romantic and suited to YOU!

  5. Sounds so romantic, and your dress is beautiful:)

    Have a nice day.


  6. Dear Elizabeth, I follow you on my main blog and was utterly surprised to see you at the Manor Ball!

    Lovely dress and I love Lord Byron!

  7. What a wonderful dress, elegantly understated. I'm just like Sabrina, viewing the comings and goings of beautiful people at Willow Ball, from a tree limb outside Willow Manor.

    This is my first time visiting this blog, Elizabeth, and wonderful it is!

  8. The Lord is penalty...such a dear...bkm

  9. Love the dress....and there is nothing sappy about James Blunt...not even the song! Is he coming to the ball as well?
    See you there!

  10. It is so lovely to see you. Willow has out done herself this ball is just divine!

  11. Great choice. I'll be looking for you. From under a table somewhere...

  12. Very femine choice, I like it

  13. Elizabeth...always so stylish, so romantic, so literary, so witty and above all such fun. How utterly lovely you looked in your Ossie..and oh, oh the men you had surrounding you. Quite dizzy making, my dearest. (I've always had a bit of a thing about Maxim. I confess I was curiously inarticulate when he asked me to dance!)

    Love your choice of music for the slow numbers. I rather like 'Some Enchanted Evening' parents' song. Oddly enough, they met at a ball in Johannesburg, she a vision in Schiapparelli pink and he rather gasp-makingly handsome. Love at first glimpse across the room and all that romantic bruhaha. Wonderful.

  14. Love that dress. I had a similar one when I lived in England, was pregnant and had the accompanying cleavage to set it off!

  15. I am sure you did not get to miss a single dance!

  16. oh,
    the photo of you


    {{ ahhh...
    if you only knew
    what you know
    NOW... }}

  17. I hope you enjoyed the ball, Ossie Clark went to the same art college as me, he was the star pupil. No doubt you were the belle of the ball!


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