Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Meditation on Waves and Some Seagulls

Tuesday at Robert Moses Beach.

A very bright clear day when the holiday crowds had melted away.

The water was still warm

The sand washed wonderfully clean and

the sky enormous.

For some reason the seagulls think it important to shower in fresh water.
For other views of the beach go here

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  1. It looks like a beautiful place, and a beautiful day:)
    September is warmer than usual here in the middle of Norway right now, and I enjoy it:)

    Have a nice day Elisabeth.
    Greetings from Berit.

  2. Your photos reminded me how much I miss living by the ocean, lovely.
    The seagulls made me laugh, they are cheeky little devils. They look very pleased with themselves.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Lucky you to have a beach so near. Lucky us that you share so generously. Gulls are rude and rowdy but they still make me smile.

  4. I love the last one:) I always feel kind of nostalgy when the summer is over and resorts become empty etc

  5. Gorgeous images... I can almost smell the fresh north eastern shores all the way down here in South Florida through your images (and my childhood memories in Jersey)

    Thank you for sharing - I sure do miss it up there...
    :D Lynda

  6. Isn't it amazing how the beach clears of people once school starts? These are some of the best beach days of the year!

  7. How wonderfully enticing are the beachesw. The photo with the birds is brilliant!
    Thanks for your visit and comment on 911. It was horrible, so much more for you, who live so near the Twin Towers. I shall never forget it for it had terrible consequences: the wars in Iraq and in Afghanistan, hatred and mistrust, discrimination against people of other religions.Believe me God: doesn't want us to kill in His Name.


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