Monday, September 6, 2010

Reflections, Windows and a View

A window on 22nd Street with some odd reflective surface

reveals all the U-Haul truck waiting to haul someone's stuff .....somewhere......

Such elegant, tall windows on 20th Street.

Looking out of my study window, I see a worker on his way either up or down to/from the roof.
Rather nerve-wracking if you ask me.

A bakery in Chinatown on a Saturday evening.

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  1. Nice photos:)
    I like nr 2 very much.

    Have a nice day:)

    Greetings from Norway, Berit:)

  2. Thank you for *daily-life* photos!

    from the south of Germany
    Bavaria :-)

  3. Nice how windows make a frame for your fine photography. I'll bet you see a lot of workers working UP HIGH with all those tall tall buildings. Such conditions would be a challenge for most of the construction and cleaning people here.

  4. The reflective surface is doing some fanatic color shading...

    cheers, parsnip

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  6. You always make me wish I was in New York....except for the weather.

  7. First one looks a painting,
    the last, like phantoms are moving through the window -

  8. Amazing reflections Elizabeth and you do manage to find some great interest in New York, so colourful.
    Love the beach shots too.
    Glad I am taking you back to childhood. Ingatestone Hall coming up soon which I am sure yu know,


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