Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wandering Round London

The weather very dreary for May, so an umbrella a useful item to tote about.
 Instead of a brolly, I carry my camera to observe: people walking to work
on Morocco Street near London Bridge......

 ....three business types round the back of St. Martin-in-the-Fields passing
 a woman who looks as if she is camped there for the day.....

....four people in rain jackets emerging out of the Underground at Paddington Station....
(The roof of the station still gives me a sort of sinking feeling
 that reminds me of going back to school from here several million years ago.)

.....Five workmen (one partially obscured) doing important things to the refurbishment

Such absurdly ornate architecture!

Yesterday evening we followed a woman and her two little dogs as walked to supper. 

And, yes, I did gawp, tourist-like, at Tower Bridge before we ate.
And it was very splendid.

And it was still splendid after I had eaten yummy steak and kidney pie.
Lots and lots more pictures (of course).......


  1. Wonderful expressions of London, dear Elizabeth! I think, you really enjoy your trip.
    Thank you for sharing- wonderful photos- as always :-)
    Hugs, Ines

  2. enjoy your trip, I am sure you will see many changes.

    London tends to get less rain than we get in the North West and the overall temperature is warmer in the city. even so it always seems to rain when I visit.

  3. Dear Elizabeth: So stylish the people in Londontown. The buildings so ornate; wholly works of art; irreplacable. Know the feeling you get when thinking of school; i still have recurrent nightmares of trying to find my exam room! I hear they are so strick in England regarding educational levels and unbendable "rules". Paddington Bear! My child has one of those! Love to visit one day. Your photography is very professional and the off the beaten trail pics show the nitty-gritty life which really looks quite dignified. No street people? They all look like millionaires! Did you get to Picadilly Square; the pidgeons and street buskers? Oh one day I will, I promise to go to England! More please! Thanks Elizabeth!

  4. So good to see your photos from London and confirming that London Bridge is still there (I thought it had been moved to LA!) And do bring back a packet of veggie suet, if you are allowed (for steak and kidney pudding or dumplings, the naughty stuff!) It is raining here today, the day before Mother's Day, so be it - good for the newly planted spring gardens.

  5. It is obvious that you are enjoying your trip in typical Elizabeth style, with camera and acute observation in hand. I love seeing London again through your eyes.

  6. I would certainly gawp! Thanks for your view of places I have only ready about or seen in t.v.

    Good to know what a brolly is. If I had to choose what to carry I would take the camera.

  7. Having heard all my life about the delicious factor of Steak and kidney pie I anticipated great delight when i got one while in London! Most vile thing EVER! Must have been the wrong shop...Kidneys not cleaned properly- gag!
    Loving your photos!!!

  8. I love the pictures of Tower Bridge. They are wonderful.

  9. Great pictures, as always!


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