Sunday, May 9, 2010

American Mother's Day in London

 Most mothers would enjoy an astounding cake from Patisserie Valerie  on Old Compton Street.

I'm not sure that anyone needs marzipan animals, but they are certainly fun to look at.....

Upstairs an attentive waitress brings our tea.
(Most mothers need tea.)

Real tea, the kind you need a strainer for......

Flowers from Liberty would be a great treat too, of course.
My present was three new Persephone books to be gobbled up gleefully.


  1. I am soooooooooooooooo in love with these roses, dear Elizabeth!
    Thank you for these wonderful photos.
    If you wanna take a look in my blog- I didn´t make a post- I left a picture of my mothersday-table, my sweeties made for me... I love them- and I got much coffee a wonderful fruitsalad and many love, kisses and hugs :-)

    Enjoy your trip, my dear-

    Love, Ines

  2. Looks very Londony! nice that your kids Know EXACTLY what you'll love.

  3. My vote is for the roses, too. Although the Persephone books are a great gift. Thanks for taking that camera to tea. Real tea.

  4. Happy American Mother's Day to you in London, Elizabeth! I would love to sip some tea in PV :) It looks lovely. Enjoy your reading fest!

  5. Are you in London? :)

    Lovely photos, thought the food was my favourite but then I saw the flowers at the end...

    Happy Mothers day USA

  6. Love the pics,sounds like you had a wonderful day....Barb

  7. well sounds like the parfait mother's day old friend--i miss you!~!! perhaps when you return a proper nyc tea!?!!!

  8. I like the look of the Gateau! But what is the 'pastry'
    in which it sits, I wonder. That rare combination of
    berries with the red currents, so typical. Yummy photo!

  9. Happy American Mother's Day - late!
    And oh, those roses. Perfect picture.

    I need marzipan animals!

  10. Great pics of London and Surrey and I willhave to remember Old Compton Street venue if I am around there.

  11. Lovely place,wonderful photos.


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