Wednesday, February 13, 2008


New York City hasn't had any snow this year.
So we were lucky to arrive back just in time to see some.
This is looking out onto 24th St. towards the children's playground.

Here we look down 24th St. towards 8th Avenue - much more snow than on 23rd St.

If I look out of my study to the small cinema next door, there is a little bit of red light reflected.

The Empire State Building looks quite ghostly in the distance - we can't think why it would be purple and yellow.


  1. Hi Elizabeth-- I just found you here! Great photos as usual... such a color contrast from Marrakesh. And how about this weather?!

  2. Looks like a magical wonderland. How lovely, if you don't have to commute in it. LOL! ;-)


  3. Nice pictures of snow in a BIG city. Alas, no snow here at the moment.

  4. oh la're far away from sunny Marrakech...
    Enjoy it all the same

  5. The first sno in NYC , in february ?? Are you kidding ??
    That is weird


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