Thursday, February 14, 2008

Last Saturday

The bus heads up 23rd St towards 5th Avenue.

At 6th Avenue an ambulance turns in front of us.

I walk along Broadway past ABC Carpet to the Green Market in Union Square.
The day is very cold and the sun feeble.

But I run into the owner of one of Skippy's first friends in the city. Her current two dogs are happy to pose for me.

After all this bleakness and grayness it is lovely to come home with two miniature cyclymen and some Winesap apples.
My cousin Dani later arrives with tulips.


  1. A nice excursion. Those dogs look so cute in their sweaters. ;-) And I love your tulips -- beautiful.


  2. What a great Saturday. Mine looks boring for today. I dream of being in New York!

  3. Kate:We are really reveling in being in NY.
    This morning I had my nails done - in Morocco you have to make an appointment and then they don't do a very good job and they charge more....
    So, you'll come to New York after Utah?


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