Thursday, February 28, 2008


A high school on 24th Street has very swanky doors.
It's cold walking up to Whole Foods.

A bistro on 8th Avenue has door whose color reminds me of Marrakech.

One flower to a vase.......very tasteful and, one hopes, not too pricey.

Between 8th and 7th Avenue on 18th Street, I come upon a strange hand and wonder if I should have my fortune told. But I don't.

The golden lion looks suitably mysterious and rather fierce.


  1. Boy! Was it freezing, today. And I think it's going to be extra cold tomorrow, too. It was so cold I couldn't bother pulling out my camera. ;-) More great shots. I remember that high school. I've been in there before. There are a lot of lions around the city. I never realized it until recently.


  2. See, there is some beautiful color in NY. My favorite store front in NYC is for Shoegasm. I would love to see those shoes!

  3. Now I am wondering how yu get to take photos in Marakesh and New York at the same time?

  4. Barbara: I'm visiting family in New York.
    Using photos I saved up before I left Marrakech where we return soon.
    I think people come to the Marrakech blog for pictures of there.
    I will have brand new ones soon.
    The New York ones are hot off the press.
    The Marrakech ones up to a month old but not more than that..


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