Thursday, February 21, 2008

New York People

New York people are watched over by the police who tend to be plump and like to hang out near where they sell food. However, they have never been less than polite to me.
This character is watching all the masses of somewhat colorless people swirl by on Penn Station.

New York people travel downtown on the E train. When they are told to change trains at W.14th at catch the A train to Spring Street - because there is work on the tracks - they do as they are told only to discover the A train does not stop at Spring Street.
When they try to take a photo of the little engine that does the track work, they get yelled at by a subway worker......

Or they arrive at Penn Station from Long Island all set to make their fortunes.....

only to end up serving coffee at Chelsea Market on 9th Avenue.........

or pretending to be Elvis........

After they have retired they can walk home from church with a friend.......


  1. excellent work!!! it's a different and wonderful way to look at the city! waiting for pasolini? is there really a movie with such a title? by the way, i love pasolini, the writer, the director, the man who always spoke his truth... i often quote him on my blog...

  2. Indierocker: there is indeed a film of that name.
    Made in Morocco about a village where all the townspeople have been extras in Biblical epics which tend to get shot near Ouazzazate.
    It was at the Marrakech film festival. See my other blog!

  3. There seem too be lots of people in your photo's wherether it's day or night. Clearly such a busy place !

  4. I love all these photos . it seems we share your new yorker like as we do when you are in Marrakech !I love Elvis , you can only see poeple like that in NYC ( I think)

  5. Ha, Elizabeth, this post made me smile! I love New York people. :-)

  6. Life is good in NYC, LOL! ;-) As usual great city shots.


  7. I love your humor...and that last photo greatly appeals to me for some reason. Maybe that's who I'd like to be, if I were in New York!

  8. Hello! I have just found your blog. We LOVE New York and were always told that New yorkers could be very strange unhelpful people but to our surprise and delight have always found them to be very friendly and helpful. We actually married over in Hoboken, because of the Frank Sinatra connection, but have had several holidays in New York. I am looking forward to reading more!


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