Friday, December 4, 2015

Thinking About Christmas....and another Giveaway

Walking past our local independent bookshop - which is right next to Clement Moore Park - this morning with the dog

I noticed all the classic children's books in the window. Of course Clement Moore's The Night Before Christmas was there - he lived right round the corner.

Also one of my grandchildren's favorites - Janet and Allen Ahlberg's lovely - and rather British -The Jolly Christmas Postman. And I think the blue book in front is Dylan Thomas's A Child's Christmas in Wales - all splendid stuff. And now for the giveaway. As some of you know, I wrote a children's story some years ago which I wrote about here.

It's an adventure story for the 8-12 year old set - but also a memoir of a 1950's childhood. All the places written about are real. The front cover shows Thorndon Hall where we lived in a gamekeeper's cottage. I have two signed copies to give away which should arrive in time for Christmas. I'll pick the winners on Monday. Jane in Winter, as well as my other books, is available as a paperback or in a Kindle edition from Amazon

On my morning walk I also passed Billy's Bakery where lots of people were hard at work.

The windows were all steamed up and the decorations were retro.

I'm beginning to get into the spirit of the season.

Here a snow leopard with his chum the penguin from the toy shop on 15th Street. Happy reading and decorating... and all the busy-ness of this dark month.


  1. Well I loved this post. Seems everyone tries to make the season bright with their decorating their windows. I ordered my gift, a shawl, from Novica. What a site. Thank you.

    1. So glad the Novica code worked out well. I also ordered a scarf which I expect daily.
      Yes, New York is great for window admiring.

  2. I loved all those beautiful windows with the retro decorations. Such a great giveaway. Have a great weekend.

  3. I love "The Jolly Postman" and "One Snowy Night" by Nick Butterworth. When I was a tourist I stocked up on many very English Books !
    Love all the windows you post really puts me in whatever Holiday it is.
    I really liked "Jane In Winter' what I read of it. That was when I had my accident and I haven't been reading that much since. I will now pick it up and finish it because I loved it as far as I got.
    I am saving both for my Granddaughter.
    Adore all the gifts I bought on Novica and the one I bought for myself !

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Dear Parsnip,
      The book really is a memoir - with a bit of adventure thrown in. Lots about England - the food and the weather etc etc. So glad you love the "Jolly Postman" too. A classic I think.

  4. What a Joy to have been able to live as a child in those surroundings!
    It sounds like a wonderful book that I would very much like to read.
    I love good books for children, especially those that are written in earlier times and those stories that are situated in earlier times, like in your book.
    What great Christmas window displays.

    1. Yes, I really was lucky to grow up in such magical surroundings. But as a child almost everywhere is full of excitement and delight. I love Truman Capote's American southern childhood memoir "A Christmas Memory".

  5. Elizabeth, what wonders you've seen in your current neighborhood. What wonders await those folks fortunate to be able to read Jane in Winter!

    See you soon. xo

  6. Didn't know you had written a book...I collect children's Christmas books, hope I win!!

  7. We also loved the Ahlberg books when my kids were littles. My mother-in-law was an English war bride, so British things were always a joy!

  8. What a splendid cuddle a child could have with that snow leopard. The books all look so inviting - isn't it lovely to know that children still appreciate them at Christmas.

  9. Such wonderful holiday photos!! I wish I would've seen your giveaway earlier. I definitely would've tried for the prizes!! Lol!! I had no idea you are a published author. So wonderful!!! I hope you're enjoying this unseasonable weather like I am. I'm just afraid I'm getting too used to it and it's going to hit us all like a ton of bricks when it finally gets cold!! : ) xo

    ~ Wendy


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