Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Holiday Fun

Christmas and holiday cheer...

takes many and various forms - some of them pretty hideous  - but fun at the same time. 
I wonder who thought of the ugly holiday sweater party?

This shop downtown would be heaven for someone who liked the very worst holiday gear!  I think back to the very olden days when the Lord of Misrule would turn the established order on its head. Not really the best time of year for  tasteful restraint.

Dallas Barbecue has painted its windows with Mr and Mrs. Frosty who look a bit grumpy.

The Santa troll is up on our window.

Oreos taken to Oreo heaven at Bonbons in Huntington.

A respite from red - walking home past Penn Station the other evening.

Macaroon bliss

Frosty and Santa enjoy cold brewskis

and a lot of cookies are to be had at The Malibu Diner.


  1. Now I want a Macaroon (or one of each color) and a cup of coffee.
    The thing about NY is that your always have "Christmas" lights up all years.
    What a wonderful photo walking past Penn Station.
    I adore the window painting. So festive.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. I haven't seen a troll in years, that really made me smile.

    1. The troll is my daughter's - I'm sure she/it is about 25 years old! - there were more!

  3. Well, that green suit beats all I have ever seen in the ugly category.

  4. Elizabeth, your photographs really do capture what's going on about New York. The green suit in the window that caught Donna's eye might have had the same origin as an over the top suit I saw on the subway home last Saturday...the Santakon celebration day. The fellow traveler's suit was of the same cut, but the fabric featured oversized red and green Christmas tree baubles against a white ground. The jacket's lining was a brilliant green. And the gentleman wore his Santa hat at a rakish angle. My camera was at home.


    1. Such a pity you didn't have your camera with you!
      So useful for capturing all the wonders we might encounter!

  5. Very Christmassy commercial glitzy red and shiny! Not my cuppa really. The best christmasses we have here are the ones in a primitive cabin by the lake, making ornaments out of pine cones , eating trout and noodles, Quiet with only the water lapping at the shore. We are not even giving store bought gifts this year, unless it is underwear of course,difficult to make- and who doesn't need underwear once a year?

    1. Hi Linda Sue!
      No this post was really about what's out there.... not what I actually like!
      My taste it a bit pure white and one single candle to meditate on and all that.
      Yes, few gifts this year -well, except CHOCOLATE!

  6. The streets of NY must be absolute magic for children Elizabeth.

  7. Yeah all the decorations are really quite garish. Talking about the Christmas party. I think we have the theme of our party now, if you don't mind. Ugly holiday sweater party should be the best one!


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