Thursday, January 8, 2015

Beastly Cold and a Party

The only news around here is that it is bitterly and miserably cold.
10 degrees Fahrenheit as I write. I wore two pairs of pants, two sweaters, two scarves etc etc to take the dog out.
Mostly I spy things out of the window...

There is only a little bit of snow...

but it's clear and biting and bright...

and extra cold in shadow.

The street is rather quiet.

When I go out, I look for spots of color. A bit late for donning the gay apparel. Ah Chelsea!

At home, I fill a Moroccan bowl with mandarins.

At the weekend I had help celebrating my birthday.

My cake was splendid.

Keep warm!


  1. How wonderful, the cake looked brilliant and such fun with little helpers.

  2. A belated Happy Birthday to you! Your cake is very lovely and colorful and almost reminds me of the King Cakes of New Orleans just because of the colors. Do you miss your Moroccan home when it is so cold like this? I really enjoy the views you share with us looking down onto the streets from your apartment windows.

  3. Love the cake!! Happy Birthday. Aren't grandchildren wonderful?
    You are so lucky to have such wonderful views from your window up in the clouds.

  4. January is not the best time to have a birthday--I know. You get a lot of re-gifted Christmas, or nothing since everyone is still coming down from the holidays. No picnics, no pool parties no fireworks. But it looks like your people really know how to do cake right. Happy Birthday from another Capricorn.

  5. Elizabeth, this truly beastly chill that's decended upon our fair city does deter any notion of taking a long walk or even doing a non-essential errand.

    Of course, dear Buster and his requirements would indeed inspire me to lots of layers, as they did you. I stayed indoors all day. A bit stir crazy, but warmly crazy.

    Your birthday party was so much fun. The cake was delicious, and I agree that its decorations did have a touch of Mardi Gras. That is very good..


  6. Happy birthday! I like your cake :)

  7. Happy birthday ...and a very happy cake!

  8. But I bet it's lovely and warm in your's freezing in ours!!

  9. Awww Happy Birthday. Mine was the 4th !
    I love your cake it looks very festive. The charming little helpers make everything better.

    cheers, parsnip

  10. Beautiful blue sky and fabulous cake! Happy birthday.

  11. I like the browns and greys against the snow and belated Happy Birthday Elizabeth.


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