Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Yesterday afternoon the FedEx man was finishing his deliveries...

as we waited for Snowmaggedon to hit New York City. A state of emergency was declared. Cars were ordered off the streets. Well, in the end, it was a nice little snow storm but not nearly as dramatic as billed. It is much worse on Long Island.
Herewith some photos before, and after.

Buster ponders the snowfall.

The night was quiet without traffic.

This morning 23rd Street was traffic free...

but the Chelsea Square Diner was open full of cops having breakfast...

the clean up crew posed for their photo and

Cosmo and Cleo were pleased to see Buster.

This intrepid reporter headed up to the roof ...

and looked down to the desolate intersection of 8th Avenue and 23rd Street...

saw the cleanup crew by the subway entrance...

 the lavender and butterfly bush looking miserable.

Much the same on Renata's deck...

Looking south.

I was sort of looking forward to a blizzard of "historic" proportions. I'd even got the candles left over from Hurricane Sandy out and filled jugs with water...
Oh well, it's fun to see so few cars and the city school children are thrilled to be off for the day.


  1. The weathermen certainly got that wrong unless more is on the way, they must have thought it was going to be bad it was all over the news here in the UK as well.

  2. Glad NYC is okay, but it looks like farther north is getting what was predicted.

  3. Oh what a view....I once lived on 28th and 8th and my son's best friend lived on 24th and 8th.....stay warm!!

  4. Edward and Apple would absolutely adore this.
    Cold and sunny here. Hoping for snow at some point, if only for them.

  5. I was thinking of you today as the news was reporting coming chaos and a 10.00pm curfew on driving! Glad to see you're okay and still out and about with the camera. Love the one of you and Buster reflected. x

  6. I was thinking of you both when I heard on the news about the impending snow. Obviously you somehow missed the worst of it. Snow forecast here tomorrow - just as the last lot has gone. Already it is getting bitterly cold. Still it is winter.

  7. I think it was better to be safe than sorry.
    When I watched the news the snow was really coming down.

    cheers, parsnip

  8. Elizabeth, you are marvelous and intrepid reporter. How great to take those photographs from the roof. I love the tire patterns on the streets that have been partially scraped of snow. The the multi-colors on the children in the playground. And everything else too, but ... of course seeing Buster pondering was the best treat!

    Wasn't it odd when the sun broke through this afternoon? xo

  9. Such wonderful photos, Elizabeth. I especially love the black + white. I think we have a nice amount of snow right now. Just enough to cover the greyness of winter but not quite enough to be too much in the way. : ) Have a beautiful rest of your day!!

    ~ Wendy

  10. We saw the warnings but glad you did not get it as bad as Boston. Great views from the roof and last photo reminds me of Lowry.

  11. I'm a bit late catching up Elizabeth! I love the rooftop images and that night one - gorgeous!


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