Monday, August 11, 2014

North Shore

The north shore of Long Island has pebbly beaches and a distant view of Connecticut.

This time of year the water is calm and beautifully warm and blissful for swimming.

The beach grasses are coarse and scratchy

intermingled with little patches of vetch.


  1. Lovely and interesting Elizabeth and warm water!!!

  2. Oh Elizabeth, when did I last see the word Vetch? It's perfect for this post. I love each of these late summer mood-setting photographs, too.


  3. Love that canoe shot - beautiful Elizabeth. The weather has turned here....just as we're about to go away to Cornwall!

  4. Love the colors and textures you chose for this post, and the way you illustrated them so simply with your words. I also love the word "vetch." Such an interesting word, don't you think?


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