Tuesday, August 19, 2014

High Line Update

 I hadn't been to The High Line for ages - mostly because when I go out for a walk I usually have the dog with me, and because the amazing popularity of the park has made it a major tourist attraction. I'm reminded of Yogi Berra's comment about something quite different -Nobody goes there any more - it's too crowded.
But I went this morning to check how Piet Oudolf's plantings initially from 2009 were holding up. (You can find all my High Line posts dating back to 2009 here).

Well, as ever, lots of charming contrasts

of shapes of foliage. However...

there is so much construction going on all around the High Line that the noise is astounding and, as someone wittily pointed out, one will soon need 'gro-lights' for the plantings.

These skeletons are about to become extremely expensive three and four bedroom apartments for masters and mistresses of the universe. Chelsea has been deemed family friendly and is a very nice place to live.

Needless to say, I quite liked it when it was sort of scruffy.

10th Avenue has all these amazing residential buildings.

so big they need industrial elevators for the workers.

Quite a nice contrast of  natural and industrial.

Moments of lyricism

and replenishment of plants.

Exquisite details

and cone flowers grown up near 16th St.

So, this morning's outing was very mixed. Yes, The High Line is wonderful, is wildly popular and has caused lots and lots of changes locally. A Garden Bridge is in the planning stages in London - I wonder how that will work out?


  1. What a wonderful project this was/is.
    All the planting look lovely.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. I do love the contrasts you show here Elizabeth...but it makes me sad to think of all the sky being eaten up with buildings. I am happy that I was able to visit...with you...when it was more sparsely populated.

  3. The planting is a delight, truly beautiful amid the stark contrast of industry.

  4. Hmmm, Elizabeth, I see what you mean about the new "growth" around the High Line. I don't think that I have been over there this year, and am very, very glad to have strolled there before it popularity zoomed.


  5. Elizabeth I would be lost without your occasiobal tours of New York - do keep them coming. I never tire of seeing the places your visit - you really capture the flavour of the place.

  6. Loved hearing about London's innovative bridge idea via your blog, Elizabeth! The High Line provides a great way to see parts of Manhattan. Whatever the
    state of the gardening (I like that part, too) because I am sure that next time I visit, something new will have emerged to admire. I wouldn't mind being a worker here that's for sure!

  7. I hope those beautiful flowers will still be able to see the sunlight. So sad but yet so beautiful amidst the tall buildings and construction. Wonderful photos, as always. xo

    ~ Wendy


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