Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Lori's Garden

Spring unfurls at the Jarvis House

in Huntington, Long Island.

I've known this garden for over thirty years - a perennial delight both literally and metaphorically. Marsh marigolds and periwinkle and bleeding heart...

and more bleeding heart and tulips and hosta.

The hydrangeas by the old barn put out new growth.

Sunlight, dappled...

and more of the same.

Barn red and

as many watering cans as you could possibly need. 

Late daffodils.

Our sprout on third base. Another spring rite of passage.


  1. What beautiful photos. What a great photo with all those watering cans would make a great feature in my garden.

  2. Beautiful photos. So lush green and filled with color.
    We are in fire season and it is hot dry and windy here.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Perennial gardens are a perennial joy. Even when they are allowed to go their own way they still produce beauty year after year. So fun to see your little man taking on baseball.

  4. Love the garden shots, but particularly love that lovely little chap in the last photo.

  5. Elizabeth, after that lingering winter stuff, isn't bright May sunshine welcome? Not just to beautiful garden plants but also to us mere mortals. Especially to little fellows learning the joys of baseball.


  6. Well I will say it gain Elizabeth. You take the most mundane things and make them interesting.

  7. Beautiful garden pictures!
    So lovely to see your little man taking on baseball!


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